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The New Mexico Palomino Exhibitors Association – February 2023 Update
is the state affiliate of the Palomino Horse Breeders of America (PHBA). NMPEA was formed in 1943 to promote Palomino Horses in the State of New Mexico

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2023 SHOW SEASON – November 1, 202 through October 31, 2023 

NEW IN 2021!!!!
Two new programs debuted in 2021:
• All Breed Year End Awards (in addition to Palomino and Palomino Bred Awards)
• Nancy Grice Memorial Buckle


Horses must be enrolled in the NMPEA year end awards program to compete for year end awards in the Palomino, Palomino Bred and All Breed Horse Divisions. Enrollment fee of $20 per horse allows one horse to be shown by any exhibitor in the Palomino, Palomino Bred OR All Breed Division for the one fee. An enrollment fee of $30 per horse allows one horse to be shown in two divisions, such as Palomino and All Breed. For Palomino and Palomino Bred Horses, the exhibitor(s) and horse owner(s) must be members of PHBA and NMPEA. For All Breed Horses, all exhibitor(s) must be a member(s) of NMPEA. NMPEA membership is open to members from any state. Only shows held in NM count towards NMPEA year end awards. Points for amateur and youth awards will be tabulated on one horse and one exhibitor team. Points for open awards are tabulated on horse (can have multiple exhibitors). Enrollment forms and complete rules are available in menu to the left.

If competing for Palomino or Palomino Bred year end awards, points from all PHBA sanctioned classes held in NM will count towards NMPEA year end awards and the horse must be shown in at least one PHBA class (per division) at an NMPEA approved and/or sponsored show. If competing for an All Breed year end award, the horse must be shown in at least one All Breed class (per division) at an NMPEA approved and/or sponsored show.

AND, up to six non sanctioned shows held in NM including E-Shows hosted by NM horse clubs can be SUBMITTED BY AN EXHIBITOR to count towards NMPEA year end awards. Mail or email report card (or acceptable substitute) to point keeper no later than 30 days after the end of a show or event (or by November 15th if show is October 15th or later). Report cards can be found on the left hand side of this page.

If you have questions about your membership, showing, and/or awards; please be sure to ask prior to your first show. Make sure all your "i's" are dotted and "t's" are crossed so you're eligible for year end awards. Memberships and most other business can be taken care of at a show prior to showing. Shoot us an email, or message us on Facebook,

It bears repeating......
Examples of shows you can submit results from:
Quarter Horse Shows
All Breed Classes at Paint Horse Shows
Pecos Valley Horsemen Shows, Roswell
Any 4-H Shows in NM
Training Shows
And more ...

Nancy Grice Memorial Buckle Award

In memory of Nancy Grice, long time NMPEA member and board member and exhibitor and breeder of Palomino horses, Bob Grice has generously sponsored an annual award. Nancy's passion for golden horses and outstanding halter horses helped define the award requirements. Beginning in 2021, an annual Nancy Grice Memorial Buckle will be awarded to the High Point Halter and Color Horse in a specific division (youth, amateur or open). Points will be calculated on PHBA halter and color points earned at shows in NM using the NMPEA state point system. Horse owner and exhibitor(s) must be NMPEA affiliate member(s) and horse must be enrolled in year end awards program. The award will rotate each year with the 2021 buckle awarded in the youth division, 2022 will be awarded in amateur division and 2023 open and so forth.

PHBA Registration Special

PHBA has reduced registration and transfer fees starting January 1, 2023 and ending April 30, 2023 (postmark date). The registration special is for any age horse and includes PALOMINO, PALOMINO BRED and Color & Conformation (registration for horses not registered with another Breed Assoc. that PHBA recognizes). Registration Fee: $60 for yearlings and $80 for horses 2 and over plus Membership. Current membership is required when registering or transferring ownership of a horse. If your PHBA membership is current, you DO NOT have to pay an additional membership fee to register or transfer a horse. More information and forms available online at Palomino Bred Horses can be registered and show in Palomino Bred classes at sanctioned PHBA shows. The PHBA registration special applies to these horses also. Palomino Bred registration form and requirements can be found on the PHBA website.
See the new PHBA registration rules for additional horses eligible for Palomino and Palomino Bred registration.

2022 SHOW DATES (PHBA Sanctioned Shows):

Spring Salsa Sensation, April 1-1, Wright's Rockin' Horse Arena, Stanley, NM. Single Judged, Low fees!Palomino, Paint, Pinto, All Breed and 4-H Classes.

Red Chile Fiesta, August 19-20, Wright's Rockin' Horse Arena, Stanley, NM, Triple Judged; Palomino, Paint, Pinto, Appaloosa and All Breed.

Fall Color Roundup, October 21-22, Location TBA, Albuquerque NM, Double Judged; Palomino, Paint, Pinto and All Breed Classes. NO BLING, FUN SHOW! Over $4,000 in awards, random prizes and cash given out in 2022! Put this show on your calendar for 2023!

Stay tuned to our facebook page for any additions and updates.

• President – Ron Morris
• Vice President – Katie Reid
• Secretary – Janice Mendez
• Treasurer – Berniece Zielke
• Board Members – Marcus McClain, Mariah Montoya, Shalene Snipes and Jenny Vance
• National Directors – Dr. Jason Turner, Marcus McClain,
• Alternate National Directors – Jenny Vance and Mariah Montoya


2023 NMPEA Youth Officers & National Directors :
• President - Belita M
• Vice President - Denny T
• Secretary - Jenna M
• Treasurer - John T
• National Directors - Denny T, and Jenna M

• Alternate National Director -John T

To complete the Board of Directors for the NMPEA Youth Association, we are asking our youth members to serve in that capacity. If you are willing to serve on the youth board, please send our youth advisor an email with your name (or preferred nickname) and email with a short note on your willingness to serve. We need your input so that we can have an active and enjoyable experience for our youth.
2023 Youth Advisors - Jason and Mindy Turner, email

The youth group will be coordinating our contribution to the "Golden Hospitality Award" gift baskets that will be given at the Palomino Youth World in Springfield, IL., in July 2023 So be thinking of "horse-related" and other "unique to New Mexico" items that be can gathered up for inclusion in the basket. Plan on bringing items for the basket to the April 1-2 horse show in Albuquerque.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact the youth advisor by email. We look forward to hearing from you.


Palomino Youth World Show will be held in Springfield, IL, July 6-9 (tentative dates). Youth Buckles for each Halter Class Winners donated by Terry Bradshaw Quarter Horses, for PHBA and PB Classes. Be sure to complete the APA Exhibitor Credit form (if eligible) to receive a discount per class on World Show entry fees.

Take a look at our facebook page, for our NMPEA members who made the PHBA Youth Top Ten lists for 2022!

PHBA NATIONAL NEWS Information online at

2023 National Convention
March 4-15, Tulsa, OK.

2022 World Show
July 5-16, Springfield, IL.
Amateur BAG, Bradshaw Added Gold, monies will be :100K this year for Amateur PHBA and PB Halter Classes and Color Class.

Open Payout Monies of :1,000 or more for the following classes: Jr Western Pleasure, Sr Western Pleasure, Ranch Riding.
Be sure to complete the APA Exhibitor Credit form (if eligible) to receive a discount per class on World Show entry fees.

PHBA Palomino Performance Program (P3)
For those of you unfamiliar with the P3 Program, it is open to registered PHBA Palomino and Palomino Bred horses showing in classes other than PHBA classes. The show record becomes part of your horse's permanent show record.
Enrollment is $20 annually for one horse/one rider. Report cards must be submitted to PHBA for them to record and tabulate points. Certificates are awarded at 25, 65, and 100 points earned within the calendar year. More information can be found on the PHBA website at This is a separate program from the NMPEA year end awards program.

PHBA Palomino Recreational Riding Program

The recreational riding program is open to PHBA members riding or driving any equine; including palominos, palomino bred, mules, and ponies. A one-time enrollment fee of :25.00 is due for each rider (driver)/horse combination. Logs must be submitted to PHBA and certificates are awarded at 50 hours, 100, 250, 500 and more up to 5000 hours. More information can be found on the PHBA website at

We extend a special thank you to our 2022 & 2023 sponsors and volunteers!

Be sure to visit our sponsorship page!

We appreciate our generous sponsors and volunteers. Find a complete list in the every newsletter and on the VISIT OUR SPONSORS page. If you would like to become a sponsor or know someone who would, please contact Ron Morris. Sponsorships start at $10 for a friend of NMPEA to $500 for a GOLD sponsor. Any amount is appreciated and goes to promote palominos, outreach programs, our youth program including the youth judging team, shows and awards. Sponsorship form available in menu to left or email Berniece at and she will email one to you.

We are looking for sponsors for the Fall Color Roundup in October, when we will again partner with the Paint & Pinto clubs for a fun, no bling, end of season show featuring "core" (basic) classes and add some fun classes. We're hoping to add more class awards and more random prizes, if possible, to encourage more first time, novice youth and amateur exhibitors. SPONSORS ARE NEEDED FOR THIS SHOW! Help encourage all our exhibitors and sponsor a class or two or high points (multiple sponsorship levels are available and we gladly accept "in kind" donations of grooming supplies and equipment, tack, gift certificates and more). All sponsors will be recognized at show, in our newsletters, and on our facebook and web pages. We greatly appreciate any sponsorship you can provide.

Paul's Veterinary Supply, Albuquerque, 505-341-9401
Dan's Boots and Saddles, Los Ranchos,
Ron Morris and Berniece Zielke, Belen,
Sharon and Marcus McClain, Santa Fe
Susan Blakely, New Jersey
Wayne and Cathy Rae Justus, Colorado,
Lauretta and Mariah Montoya, Edgewood
Kay Coen, Espanola
Bob Grice, in memory of Nancy Grice
The Turner Family, Texico
Beverly Maeker, Corrales
Presley Wright & Jenni Mauny
Jenna & Janice Mendez
3J Motor Escort, Jessie Mendez
Shield's Agency, Wheland, Bosque Farms, NM
Schneiders Horse Tack
Walsh Counseling Services, Julie Walsh, Exec. Director, 505-266-0441,
One Trust Home Loans, Micheal Sandoval 505-219-0521
Hugh and Betty Trotter, Double T Quarter Horses 575-680-5732
Kristi and Glenn McReynolds, Anthony, NM
John's Animal Treats
Kathryn and Ryan Erickson
We appreciate everyone showing with us and look forward to seeing you at our 2023 shows and events!

Ron Morris
NMPEA President
PO Box 908
Belen, NM 87002
(505) 417-6167 (call or text)
email –

Visit NMPEA on the web at or on facebook at /nmpalomino

NMPEA is organized for the purpose of
exhibiting, promoting, stimulating interest
and providing means for improving
the Palomino Horse and
further the interest of its members
through cooperation and collaboration with the
Palomino Horse Breeders of America, Inc. (PHBA). NMPEA shall also encourage publicity and sale of the Palomino Horse Breed.